Real World Capture

In today’s reality of tighter budgets and shortened deadlines, we rarely have the time or resources to conduct a full blown capture.  How do you effectively compete during the critical capture phase when time and/or resources are tight?  How do you decide which steps are essential, and which you can cut without jeopardizing your chances of winning? Is price-to-win enough or do you need to focus on positioning with the client?  What choices should you make?

“Nice pacing and spacing of lectures and exercises. The challenging nature of the exercises helped me learn.” —Workshop attendee

Learn how to tackle these challenging questions using a case study approach. Leave with confidence that you can customize a realistic capture plan that will win bids in today’s real world.

Audience: Capture managers, technical leads/project managers, account managers, business developers, and their managers. Attendees should have knowledge of basic capture principles.