Robin’s training provides practical and proven approaches to improve your win rates. Courses complement existing capture and proposal process overviews by delving into specific problems facing most pursuit teams today and offering proven solutions. Content can be customized to your organization using a case study drawn from your proposals. They are hands-on, informative and fun! Satisfied clients include domestic and international, small, medium, and large organizations competing for federal dollars.

“I was so impressed with the quality of the training that Robin Ritchey offered to our teams.  She immediately established credibility with her expertise and kept our teams engaged throughout the series of three courses she conducted.  In fact, we were so assured of the impact her training was having on our team that we brought staff from Guatemala and Uganda to attend the final series courses.  Based on Robin’s style and outstanding delivery, I am confident that the investment we made in staff to join from overseas as well as more than fifty headquarters staff, our win rate will definitively improve.” —Vice President, Business Development and Communications, international research firm

Feedback from more than 300 participants indicates 99% of attendees felt the class met stated objectives, and 99.5% said the class was a valuable use of their time.

Current course offerings are listed below. Additional courses tailored to the needs of your organization are available; contact for more information.

Persuasive Proposal Writing: A Proven Approach to Raise Your Technical Score

Learn how to write to proposal evaluators, create and showcase genuine win themes, develop a section strategy that seamlessly evolves into your first draft, and apply the “Six Cs” of good proposal writing. Case study based to provide hands-on experience, including before and after examples.
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Incumbent vs. Challenger: Who Has the Edge?

Move beyond the basics and find out why incumbency is a double-edged sword, and what you must do to ensure a win. As challenger, learn how to increase your probability of unseating competitor incumbents.
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Real World Capture

Learn how to effectively compete during the critical capture phase when time or resources are tight. Find out how to decide which steps are essential, and which you can cut without jeopardizing your chances of winning.
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Capture Best Practices

In today’s reality of increasingly competitive procurements, beginning our efforts before the solicitation can mean the difference between winning and losing.
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Coming Soon

Watch for flexible, module based training that spans the entire capture through proposal process. Topics include capture planning, how to read an RFP, roles and responsibilities, proposal basics and tips, executive summaries, color reviews, getting ready for BAFO, and more. All courses are case study based and can be customized to your organization using your own proposals.